TFC returns on Color 64 BBS!

A few weeks ago I picked up a Commodore 64 from a local guy. I was planning on putting up another BBS with it. After I opened it I saw that the 64 kernel was soldered on, not socketed. And not being that great with a soldering iron I took it to a guy to desolder it. He screwed it up bad. Black screen. Nothing works.

So, for my birthday I bought myself a new (to me) 64. When I cracked it open what do I see? Socketed kernel!! So now it’s up and running with JiffyDOS.

I took two photos of it in portrait mode. WordPress thinks it’s landscape and won’t allow me to rotate it. I give up.

So, coming this weekend will be a plain Jane Color 64 web site. I will then begin to document the work I have been putting into it with mods throughout. Those mods will be made available on both the Supra and Color 64 sites.

The address for it will be (drumroll…..)

How am I pulling this off telnet-technically (telnechnically?)? I added another dual serial port PCI card to the Windows box running the Supra site. A null modem cable is on the way and the RS232 cartridge should be here this weekend.

What sucks: the uIEC/SD card that I am going to be running the BBS from won’t fit with the VIC-1011A adapter. I have it working like this on the 128 so I’m going to stick with it.

So let’s get started. The first mod we are going to make is to √bbs.ini. As ][avok mentioned on the Oasis BBS this is pretty simple:

In √bbs.init change line 12113 and make it read:


Make line 27530 read:


And save it.

Modding. Like a hacker. Or haxxer. Or ][@(]<3R. And after poke53280,1 and poke53281,1ing this bad boy because that blue is intense.

That’s it!

Now, there’s just one more thing I’m going to do before I get into modding it up: making it easier for me to work in.

Because programmers are inherently lazy we like to do things “efficiently”. So I’m renaming everything and shortening it.

Knowing the version numbers is fine but nobody wants to type that Every. Single. Time.

And now we have this:

One magic line to rule them all: @r:newname=oldname. All done on the same line. Because why yes, I am lazy. I already admitted it!

WOAH! I know what you’re about to say: you didn’t rename Punter, Xmodem, setup and the ML file! That’s because I don’t have to type them in because I won’t be editing them. More laziness!

Now I’ll get setup run. I don’t need to explain how that is done because there is another post about that.

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