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TFC returns on Color 64 BBS!

A few weeks ago I picked up a Commodore 64 from a local guy. I was planning on putting up another BBS with it. After I opened it I saw that the 64 kernel was soldered on, not socketed. And not being that great with a soldering iron I took it to a guy to…

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The base has been laid, and a TIFU moment

The development is moving ahead with Network 64. In the meantime I am continued to be impressed by the number of visitors to the BBS. If you’re keeping score, here is the latest spreadsheet:  During the initial development I was eager to shrink things down so I installed the msg ed ovl or Message…

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Getting to Work on TFC v4n+: Planning to plan

I am deeming this project “TFC v4n+” for the following reasons: This is really the 4th full iteration of The Fone Company, the previous being: Version 1: 1988-1989 (learning it) Version 2: 1989-1991 (I actually have a disc labeled “TFC ][” (that’s how we spelt it then because we re radical, dude.) which was also…

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