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Archive for February 2019

The Fone Company will be back… in March

After running solidly for a full day around 11PM Tuesday night Supra decided it would go tits up and throw “RS-232 framing error, check baud rate” errors which made the software think a user had disconnected before hitting the graphic detection prompt. After futzing around with it for about an hour I gave up and…

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Jim Brain’s telnet cable, downgrading to Supra 4.5

So I upgraded the site to Supra 4.6 thanks to WD Stewart sharing the code with me. It’s super solid and has some amazing features I am dying to try out but there is a problem: all of those Swiftlink enhancements conflict with BBS Telnet Server. I spent a good portion of my weekend trying…

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Supra 128

So, I decided to switch the BBS software from Color 64 to Supra 128. Why? Well, that’s a long story. But this is a blog and not a message on the BBS so I’m happy to explain. Why leave Color 64? It’s a great BBS and getting into it for a few weeks reminded me…

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The base has been laid, and a TIFU moment

The development is moving ahead with Network 64. In the meantime I am continued to be impressed by the number of visitors to the BBS. If you’re keeping score, here is the latest spreadsheet:  During the initial development I was eager to shrink things down so I installed the msg ed ovl or Message…

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