The Fone Company will be back… in March

After running solidly for a full day around 11PM Tuesday night Supra decided it would go tits up and throw “RS-232 framing error, check baud rate” errors which made the software think a user had disconnected before hitting the graphic detection prompt.

After futzing around with it for about an hour I gave up and went to bed. The problem persisted this morning so rather than struggle with it more I have decided to temporarily close it down for a couple of weeks. I am going out of town and will not be dragging my BBS equipment with me (my wife would kill me). Instead I am going to try to get some work done using VICE or some other development tools. I got the feeling the system would seize up as soon as I walked out the door anyway.

On the bright side I am continuing to work with WD Stewart to get Supra back up and running, both with Swiftlink and Telnet capabilities. Why? Because everybody needs a hobby. I also have a new RS-232 card arriving soon which I hope will fix these framing errors. I have been overly confident in the cable/connections so this is my last hope it will work.

More to come!

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