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The Fone Company will be back… in March

After running solidly for a full day around 11PM Tuesday night Supra decided it would go tits up and throw “RS-232 framing error, check baud rate” errors which made the software think a user had disconnected before hitting the graphic detection prompt. After futzing around with it for about an hour I gave up and…

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Connecting to telnet BBSes

I created a page which is a work in progress on connecting to Telnet BBSes. For now it focuses on CGTerm but will cover local emulators soon.

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Dialing out: Two options for getting your Commodore online

Before we get too deep into setting up a Color 64 BBS I realize that not everyone is as hip on running a BBS as some. Some folks just want to visit boards. After all, there are no pop-up ads, no invasive tracking and Google and Facebook doesn’t have their claws in it. There are…

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