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Archive for March 2019

Running CGTerm on Windows 10

Windows user rejoice! Here is the quick and easy way to get it up and running. First, download CGTerm for Windows 32. Here is the direct link or you can download it from this page. Next, download the Windows 10 fix and unzip it. Unzip the first file and open the folder. Find the file SDL.dll.…

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Announcing Supra 128 BBS v4.6.1

Supra 128 v4.6.1 Telnet mods and Y2K fixes By Keith Hall of The Fone Company BBS telnet: Supra 128 BBS v4.6.1 is now available for immediate download. You may download it from the web site at / or the merge/patch files from The Fone Company BBS ( from the Supra 128 downloads…

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Kernel panics/crashes in 40, no problems in 80

I just came across this weird issue with Supra. When running it in 40 column mode those frightening RS-232 breaks appear in BBS Telnet Server and nuke the BBS throwing into a monitor. However these do not appear at all in 80 column mode. I prefer 80 column mode but I realize that most users…

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The secret formula to getting Supra 128 online

I will admit I dove into the Telnet BBS scene head-first anxiously wanting to get a BBS back up. But I didn’t thoroughly investigate everything I needed. There is a previous post on that so I won’t repeat it. What this post is about is the connectors between the PC and the Commodore. As it…

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