Announcing Supra 128 BBS v4.6.1

Supra 128 v4.6.1
Telnet mods and Y2K fixes
By Keith Hall of The Fone Company BBS

Supra 128 BBS v4.6.1 is now available for immediate download. You may download it from the web site at / or the merge/patch files from The Fone Company BBS ( from the Supra 128 downloads area.

Version 4.6.1n is a maintenance release to the previously released version 4.6n in 1994.

4.6.1 makes Supra 128 telnet compatible. At this time it is only working in 80 column mode. Hardware flow control must be enabled. Telnet BBS users: for the modem init string enter ath0 (that is a zero).

Complete list of fixes:


  • Y2K issue: Line 81: Fixed an issue where the day of the week was not displaying correctly after 12/31/1999. Huge thanks to Paul Nelsen on the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group for his assistance in nailing down the issue.
  • Disconnection routine: Line 5892: Added routine to recognize a telnet disconnection.
  • Pagination routine: In Supra v4.6 the [more y,n] prompt was changed to [more y,n,c,d] but the routine to erase the entire prompt was not properly implemented resulting in only ,n,c,d] being deleted. Line 1130 temporarily disables pagination. If you wish to re-enable pagination simply change line 1130 FROM tx%(45)=. TO tx%(45)=us(9)


  • Telnet routines: added to line 31277
  • Pagination: Lines 32130 and 34030: replace us(9)=. with us(9)=25 to re-enable pagination. Line 31700: change poke(tx%(45))=. poke(tx%(45))=us(9) to reenable pager.
  • In version 4.6 the “Enter your page” prompt was appearing twice. 4.6.1 removes the prompt altogether.


  • Telnet modification: changed line 32255 from input-44 (phone number) to input-5 (freeform) to accommodate Telnet BBS addresses

Known issues:

  • [more y,n,c,d] pagination routine needs to be fixed
  • Network routines with other Supra 128 and Color 64 boards needs full testing
  • Swiftlink routines need thorough testing
  • Supra Config will randomly crash when autodetecting modem type

This would not have been possible without the gracious assistance from WD Stewart, the current owner of Supra 128 BBS and from Paul Nelsen on the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group. Thanks to Desert-Fox of the Oasis BBS ( and for his inspiration to get back involved with Commodore BBSes.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of Julian Burger, the original author of Supra 128. Thanks also goes to James Abraham, formerly of The Magic Circus BBS for his involvement in the project. And a major thanks goes to WD Stewart, aka “Danté”, the current owner of Supra 128 for his help and stewardship of the brand and for his support in helping keep Commodore 128 BBSing alive and well. Finally, thanks to Bil Herd, the original creator of the Commodore 128 and proprietor of who helped me get my 128 back to life!

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