The base has been laid, and a TIFU moment

The development is moving ahead with Network 64. In the meantime I am continued to be impressed by the number of visitors to the BBS.

If you’re keeping score, here is the latest spreadsheet:

During the initial development I was eager to shrink things down so I installed the msg ed ovl or Message Editor Overlay thinking it would be great to have it in it’s own overlay so I can add the TFC treatments to it. And such is the danger of not reading through every line of merge code. There are some features within it that I did not want (email read receipts). So I had to back out and start over from scratch.

I had a solid backup back to the movew2lmsn mod (move welcome2, level msg and sysop news) so I ran from there picking up with begin list.

Begin list, move baud, move logoff, move chat and PW Maintenance merged in fine. Pswd backer is going to be added but I didn’t get a chance to just yet. No more g’s merged fine.

I apparently wrote the Begin List mod in the summer of 1989 at the ripe old age of 17 and it merged fine. I hope it doesn’t break everything.

freboot also merged fine but the threshold was set so high (5500 bytes) the system kept rebooting right before it would get to the Waiting for Call screen so I lowered the threshold to 500 until I can get a better handle on the memory usage of the system.

I wanted to install PlusTerm because I remember it being amazing. Problem is that version 3.1 (the latest version I have) has several corrupt lines in it from 120 to 160. I found an older version with these lines intact so I copied them over, hopefully not screwing anything up. It doesn’t work just yet because when I start it up I get thrown right back to the WFC screen. I’ll look into it later because it is not launch-critical. Besides, I want to get it working to use telnet at some point.

BBS.sysop is installed but not connected. I also thought of installing superstats but do not have a Lynx program handy so I passed on it. MTD stats made the cut (thank you, Tom Seving) as did some text funsies flipper, slider2 and splitter2.

DOW (Day of Week) and Lt.Dow didn’t make the cut because I didn’t feel it was really necessary at this point. It has been moved to the “maybe later” pile.

Wrapping up this round of updates is “page” a Sam Lewit paging utility so you know it’s good. It has to be merged in everywhere but that’s no problem as there were no conflicting lines. It tested and worked so I skipped the “pg pauser” routine.

Next steps: getting the DOS, SysOp and PlusTerm overlays working properly. I don’t want to have to revisit a bunch of stuff; instead I want it all working before moving into the front-facing stuff.

We are making progress!

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