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Supra 128

So, I decided to switch the BBS software from Color 64 to Supra 128. Why? Well, that’s a long story. But this is a blog and not a message on the BBS so I’m happy to explain. Why leave Color 64? It’s a great BBS and getting into it for a few weeks reminded me…

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Getting to Work on TFC v4n+: Planning to plan

I am deeming this project “TFC v4n+” for the following reasons: This is really the 4th full iteration of The Fone Company, the previous being: Version 1: 1988-1989 (learning it) Version 2: 1989-1991 (I actually have a disc labeled “TFC ][” (that’s how we spelt it then because we re radical, dude.) which was also…

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Where to start?

The eternal question when embarking on a new quest: where to start? I personally wanted to resurrect one of my old BBS programs. Fearing that some of these 30 year-old disks’ protective film would soon be wearing off I set out to preserve them which was not a minor nor inexpensive task. First I needed…

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