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Putting JiffyDOS to work for you

This is less of a “how to mod up Color 64” and more of a LPT.

If you have JiffyDOS type this:

10 poke53281,0

Save it as ^ (that’s the up arrow) on your main disk you will be editing from.


BONUS: Be a real badass:

Make sure baid64 is on the disk you are booting to and add this line:

20 load"baid64",8,1:run

Now all you need to do to make the display not burn your retina AND get right to coding is just type “^^” after the system boots!

If you want to be fancy, just set ^ as the screen changer and create a new file with Baid64 in it called ^^. So then you can boot and type ^^ or ^^^ and others will think you are enlightened.

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